A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Location, location, location May 24, 2008

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In the next 24 hours I will visit four potential wedding venues and meet with their coordinator folk. That will probably take our count of potential wedding places visited to about 12 or more. Which seems like a lot, right? And I’m so worried that none of them are ‘it.’

We sat at dinner last night over a glass of wine and kobe beef burger we discussed “what is important to you in our wedding?” Luckily we seem to be totally on the same page. Unluckily, I haven’t yet, in all my research, found a place that meets our vision and appears to be in our price range. And so, I put on my best rubber slippahs, I tuck my planning notebook into my purse, and I continue on. Because this is my mission, and I will complete it!!

Our joint wedding vision:

  • Nice place
  • Ceremony and reception all in one place
  • Restrooms on the nice side (that’s my request – I don’t want stinky or wet floors – trust me, this is a risk)
  • View of beach or mountains (lucky we live Hawaii – how could those two words every work together anywhere else?)
  • Good food. Doesn’t have to be excellent but you know, good enough.
  • Big tree (that’s Bryan’s request but I’ll certainly second it – we both love the idea of our ceremony under a big beautiful tree)
  • Dynamic space. I don’t want to go from an aisle to a ballroom. I want room to meander for guests to relax, to feel at home.
  • Garden party feel with comfort.
  • Outdoor ceremony.
  • Outdoor reception too given the right allowances – not too hot, wet, windy, buggy.
  • Music
  • Dancing space
  • Twinkly lights
  • Some cool architectural aspect
  • Closer to Waikiki is better. However, a Waikiki hotel at this point is not at all ideal.
  • Mostly, I think, we would both like to feel we’re hosting people in an environment that could almost be out home – were we to be multi-millionaires with great taste – our dream home let’s say
  • All this on a small budget I won’t document because, after all, this is the worldwideweb. Let’s just say it’s probably half of what most Hawaii weddings are.

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