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Dream dress? May 28, 2008

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Ever since I decided I was ready to plan this wedding, I’ve been having wedding dreams. Nothing dramatic, nothing nightmare-ish. I just sort of wake up in the middle of the night and realize I’d been dreaming of site inspections or transportation logistics. The dreams are usually split-second and incredibly coherent.

Last night was an exception.

Last night I had my first dress dream. It went something like this:

I had flown to Manhattan to go wedding dress shopping [very odd as I am not from NY, nor have family or close friends there, however I’m sure it’s an awesome place to shop!]. I evidently had some time to kill because I took the bus [why not the subway, I have no idea] and went to a pub. Then when I went to leave the pub I realized I was very, very far from Manhattan so was stressed to find the right combination of many buses back to where I needed to be. I was on one bus where one of my best friends showed up so that was a nice surprise! Then in typical dream sequence I was suddenly in Lake Tahoe where I was to meet my mom to go dress shopping together [Tahoe is almost as odd as Manhattan but I suppose I was willing to do what it took to find my dream dress]. In Tahoe we visited an odd dress store that mostly had dresses for older women who like to go on cruises – loud prints, ruffles, etc. Turns out the wedding dresses were kept in cabinet like boxes. I suppose we told the salespeople we were looking for wedding dresses. They seemed nice enough and invited us to sit down. We would have to wait awhile so they could warm up the dresses. [I’m not kidding, it was like they were putting them in a warming oven. It even confused me in my dream.] While we were waiting they offered us food which turned out to be scrambled eggs and white rice. I remember being particularly annoyed that this dress shop in Tahoe would offer what seemed like a typical Hawaiian breakfast. And then the saleswoman served my scrambled eggs to me on the table! I asked for a plate and my mom and the saleswomen acted like I was being very rude. Eventually I got frustrated by their service and the fact I had to wait so long for my dress to get warmed that I stormed out of the shop.

Uh, so how’s that for odd?

I’m a bit terrified these psycho dreams will continue until the day I actually say “I do.” And yet, part of me is thankful that the insanity is so far only in my dreams, not in my reality.


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