A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Adopted Tradition June 4, 2008

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I have always loved the various cultural traditions for weddings. One of my favorite weddings of all times was a good friend’s Jewish wedding. Ahh, dancing the horah! And who doesn’t love the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when they throw the plates? A mendi party? Glorious! Jumping the broom? That’s just crazy cool.

Now, I love my family and I’m proud of where I’ve come from. But where I’ve come from doesn’t really have any wedding traditions. I am a true believer that a wedding should be reflective of the couple – throw the rules out the window! And yet, I am a traditionalist.

I am thrilled to report that I have found a tradition that fits me!

It is a bit of a Japanese-Hawaii tradition to fold 1,001 paper cranes. My limited Internet research tells me it comes from an older Japanese tradition that you fold 1,000 cranes for good luck. Evidently that tradition was applied to Japanese Hawaii weddings within the past few decades and they added one more crane for even better luck. Actually, one of the websites I read suggested that the bride should fold 1,000 cranes and then the groom folds one. What?! I don’t think so! My favorite meaning for the tradition is that cranes mate for life and the folding of 1,001 cranes teaches you patience. Who doesn’t need patience in a marriage, right?

During my devoted daily reading, I stumbled across this post at Wedding Bee. Yay! I wanted to fold 1,001 pretty cranes too. I’m not Japanese but I sure do live in Hawaii. And darn it all, I want cranes at my wedding!!

A few weeks ago I stopped by my neighborhood business supply store and invested my first pennies into our wedding – $1.35 to be exact. 25 sheets of solid colored origami paper. I reached out to my trusty friend Google and learned how to fold a crane. Thus started my new couch-sitting activity – folding.

I’ve since invested more money – about $18 this time! – and I’m well on my way to my adopted tradition. I’d say I’m about 100 cranes in. Not too shabby!

I may not have a date or location for my wedding but I sure do have a tradition. Hey, I may even adopt more. What other excellent traditions should I consider?


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