A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Hope is led by inspiration June 4, 2008

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Last night we visited a venue that is actually someone’s home in a quaint but gorgeous historical home. It has charm, a beautiful lawn, the ocean, and energy that is just amazing. Alas, it’s too small for us.

Within 30 seconds I knew it was too small for us. We couldn’t fit all our guests and a dance floor. Even still, we stayed for over an hour to talk to the woman, hear her stories, take in the house, and embrace how good it feels to be inspired.

Simply put, I want her house 50% larger and I will magically be delivered my dream wedding location.

Please, oh please, wedding gods, make it so!

Even though it’s one more place on our short list that we can cross off, it gave me strength. Because if her house exists, my dream house must exist. Right?


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