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It’s all about sharing June 13, 2008

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When I first started to plan this wedding I got myself in a tailspin freaking out about the number of places where we could host our most wonderful event. I had too much time on my hands and spent pretty much all of that time online Googling the pants off “Oahu wedding locations.”

I started making a list of all the potential places. I hadn’t yet developed a vision for the Big Day and I hadn’t really conferred with my fiance but I certainly made a good list. My list was easily 30 strong.

Eventually we visited a number of these places and are considering a few of them still to this day.

In the spirit of helping others, I thought I’d share my list and my thoughts on each. So far these are the places that didn’t make it to our final consideration list. I’ll do it in chunks of five.

First Five Lovely-But-Not-For-Us Venues:

  • Waikiki Aquarium: Oh, how I wanted this to be the place! Fishes, Waikiki, unique, causal, FUN! Here’s the lowdown… it’s cheap, the woman in charge is super nice, but they only let you have the place for five hours including setup. We just couldn’t do that. We want a big long party. We can’t be ushered out at 9:45 if we start at 6pm. We considered it just for the reception but I still don’t think it’s right for us. However, I highly encourage any Oahu party planning person to check it out. We may try to host one of our welcome events there.
  • Waioli Tea Room: I adore this place! Love it to pieces. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really look into it too much for our wedding. I don’t know how much it would cost or what their rules are. My deciding factors were that it’s a tad rundown (albeit in a charming way) and I don’t particularly like their food that much. It does have the most beautiful setting and what I imagine to be a darling chapel.
  • Academy of Art: I hate to be the one to tell you the bad news but they don’t allow weddings. I know, I almost cried myself.
  • Contemporary Art Museum: No-go here either. I KNOW! I am tempted to wage a one-man protest. This place was meant for weddings, love, and happy gatherings. It breaks my heart.
  • Haiku Gardens: This location was recommended to us so many times and I had such high hopes. In the end, it just didn’t feel right for us. It has a muddy pond with gorgeous plants, a chapel-ish building, and a nice lawn. You can have your reception at the attached restaurant, Haleiwa Joe’s. Definitely check it out.

Oh man, now that I just revisited each of those in my mind it makes me second-guess myself all over. I may actually stage a protest at the museums. And it wouldn’t hurt to give the Waioli Tea Room a call, right? So hard to make decisions!!


2 Responses to “It’s all about sharing”

  1. Kini Says:

    Egads! The formatting is terrible!!

    I’m new to Worpress. Does anyone have any advice? It was right when I typed it…

  2. amiatead Says:

    hi! i just stumbled upon your blog and i’ve added you to my reader. i love oahu and am excited to see what you come up with for your big day. 🙂

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