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And the angels sang July 7, 2008

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On Saturday we visited a private rental home totally on a whim.  A private home is my dream location but so far I’ve had bad luck and they’re all crazy expensive anyway. I’d just about crossed this idea off my list until Saturday…

This house was a dream! Simply put, if I could have sketched my vision for my wedding location, this would have matched it 90%. Wonderful! It has a yard, is on the ocean, has shade from a banyan tree (a tree! just like we wanted!). The rental agent is a doll. It was perfect.

I left the house practically skipping and singing and actually said to my fiance “that’s it, that’s exactly where I want to get married.”

We went home and studied our budget like mad. This house is more expensive than our other options, probably 20% more. Which is pretty significant, right? (By the way, I think this whole budget thing is going to end up being a joke. Have you seen that blog about the $10k wedding? I am dying to know how she’s going to do it because everywhere I turn, everything seems to be about double what I thought it would be.) But budget be damned, I want to get married there!

I held on to that happy confidence for a few days and finally felt like the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. Today I’m deep in the reality mode wondering can a home really be comfortable for 100 guests? Is two bathrooms enough? What if someone spills red wine, will we need to replace the carpeting? Is 9pm too early to end the party?

Even still, I’m SO EXCITED! To get married there would be a dream. Even to have found it is dreamy enough.

I’m keeping it a tip-top secret until we decide what we’re doing. It’s sort of like finding a killer dress on sale. I’m not going to broadcast the details because I don’t want us all to show up wearing the same dress. If for any reason we decide against this house, I just might leak the details. Maybe.


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