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Tasty? July 9, 2008

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Tonight we are having our food tasting at one of the two venues currently in the running to host our wedding. I keep flip-flopping back and forward trying to decide which one is my #1 favorite. I hope tonight’s tasting will help me see the light.

This place is a bit insane and will only let us taste from the appetizer menu and then order each item by the half dozen. I was close to throwing a fit last week because my fiance and I do not need six crab cakes, nor do we want to pay for them. But wedding planning is bound to come with craziness so I sucked up my practicality, agreed to order six of various appetizers, and then I invited two of our friends to join us.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the food is good. Good enough to spend thousands of dollars on to feed our friends on family on the day they’ll honor us.


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