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Tasting Report July 13, 2008

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So about that tasting… it was just okay.

Delightful results:

  • Ambience – the place was even more beautiful than I had remembered from our initial visit.
  • Service – totally top-notch. Free wine and sorbet, a beautiful presentation, the chef came by to chat with us

Disappointing results:

  • Food – it was just “eh”. We tasted five appetizers (we were restricted to ordering from the appetizer menu, someone please explain this to me!). Two of the appetizers were yummy, yummy. The other three were a mixed bag. I liked one in particular that the other people with us didn’t. My least favorite selection was the overall group’s favorite. But when we left we all agreed the food was okay to good.

Ugh, straight to the heart! Can I stand to pay thousands for food I know isn’t the best ever? My friends remind me that no one expects five star dining at a restaurant. And my mom maintains that the food means nothing as long as people dance. And I remind myself that I’m not out to impress our friends, I really just want them to witness our love and feel a place of honor in our lives.

Still… can I pay thousands for food I’m not crazy for?


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