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To Save my sanity July 15, 2008

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I just came across this most insightful post and lapped it all up, taking each word to heart. Oh how I needed to read that!

The thing is, I already knew all that. I know my wedding doesn’t need to be perfect. Even more, I know if won’t be. What’s perfect anyway? Perfect is boring for one. And perfect is most certainly not us. Perfect doesn’t slip and fall on the dancefloor. Perfect doesn’t swipe her finger through the cake frosting. Most importantly, perfect is not what my fiance and I are all about.

Even though I know perfect is not what I’m after, I’m having a hard time going with my gut and booking the place I think is best. Just last week it was suggested we check out another venue because it could help our budget go pretty far. Another place? Save money? I’m on it! But really, is it necessary? I have one place that is already plenty good enough (aside from the okay food).

I think I need to go re-read that post. And make it my mantra. Every morning and every evening… “perfect is not us.”


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