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Oahu Venues, The List Goes On July 24, 2008

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Man, as you go through this process you realize how important it is to have helpful people around you. Just the other day one of my co-workers sat down with me to share all of her budgets and recommendations for her wedding this past May.

In an effort to help someone out there in the throes of “where can I get married on Oahu?” I present the continuation of the venues we visited.

This place was actually suggested to us by the guy that runs Ke Iki. I think it’s very cool in so many ways but ultimately wasn’t for us.

Waimea Valley Park:

It’s a botantical park with falls that run with there’s enough rainfall. It has a big lawn area where the ceremony could take place under a tree (swoon… ceremony under a tree!). It also has a very large pavilion complete with a dance floor area. The grounds a nice but very, very extensive. We stumbled across a small area perfect for an intimate ceremony. We also saw many peacocks. Cool!

I never did talk to them about rates so you’re on your own there…


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