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Drama July 27, 2008

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I just had one of those low moments in wedding planning.

My fiance and I are trying to nail down the date for our May 2009 wedding. His family has some conflicts for many of the weekends in May. It left me feeling very slighted that their conflicts are affecting MY wedding planning. And then feeling guilty for reacting that way. To be completely honest, I blew up and stormed out of the house. I’ve calmed down now but wanted to throw it out there because I’m sure many others have been in a similar situation and as much as it sucks, I suspect it’s not the last blow up I’ll have, nor the last family conflict.

Oh joy. Anyone want to commiserate?


One Response to “Drama”

  1. Ms. 122 Says:

    I’ll commiserate! This is the second time I’ve had a contract in hand, changed the date, and reconsidered. People need to stop showing me venues, it’s getting old! Six months of venue hunting, and still it continues…

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