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Decisions, decisions July 29, 2008

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Years and years ago my aunt had a gorgeous wedding with what we now call a “DIY photobooth”. Except then it was extremely innovative and amazing. She simply had a nice backdrop and a camera on a tripod. We had tons of fun and she has a wall full of pictures to remember her wedding guests (too bad those pictures document me at the oh-so-flattering age of 12).

I have, ever since that gorgeous wedding, known that I would have such a backdrop and the wonderful pictures. Mind you, this is before retro photobooths even became popular!

Not too long ago I decided that would also be the perfect guest book. Today my thoughts were confirmed when I saw this pre-wedding guest book of Miss Cream Puff over at Wedding Bee.


Source: Weddingbee

So 100% perfectly inline with what I want to do!
Alas, I also stumbled upon this gem of a guest book as well


Source: jessedeanna.blogspot.com

It’s a Blurb book with images of the bride and groom throughout their lives. Such a wonderful way to acknowledge the joining of two individuals.

And so now, how will I ever decide between these two perfect ideas?


One Response to “Decisions, decisions”

  1. Ms. 122 Says:

    i love the guest book ms. cream puff posted, but i think we’re going with a blurb book. i can’t wait to start working on it!

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