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Sign of the times July 29, 2008

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When I first got engaged a co-worker told me she was certain this was the best time in the history of the world to have a wedding. I was befuddled until she continued on about how wonderful it is that we all get to put our own spin on our wedding. So true, so true…

Think about your parents wedding. Mine had theirs in my mom’s hometown. And while she lived in Hawaii, there was no such thing as a destination wedding (cute story, my dad’s family and friends stayed at different neighbors’ houses, no one needed a hotel). They had dinner, dancing, a white tiered cake, and her bridesmaids were her sisters and my dad’s sisters. I don’t know what her table decorations were or her invitations but I imagine they were whatever was in fashion. I am certain her wedding followed all the rules.

Even more limited was my grandparents’ wedding. The story I’ve heard is they got married after church one Sunday. In fact, I believe two couples got married at the same time. There was cake to share with the chuch guests still in attendance. I can’t imagine there was dancing or toasts. I don’t even know if there were invitations.

And now, just two generations later, anything goes. A dog can be your ring bearer and it’s adorable. Invitations can be evites. You can wear a pink dress! Your groom can wear flip flops (I think mine might). Hell, you can roll down the isle in your rollerskates. You can do anything and everything to make your wedding feel right by you. Your grandmother might be a bit surprised but it’s not like you’ll be the talk of the town. A personal touch is encouraged!

As I get deeper into this wedding planning, I wholeheartedly agree with my co-worker. Now is the time to get married. Of course, the whole purpose of a wedding is to celebrate a marriage and no matter how you celebrate, it’s equally wonderful as long as you get married. However, I’m glad I get to dig into the details and make it all about us, whatever that means to us.


source: offbeatbride.com

Naw, not quite us. We’re a bit more vanilla. But perhaps we’ll surprise ourselves along the way.


One Response to “Sign of the times”

  1. Ms. 122 Says:

    oh wow. at the very least will you take one picture where you’re making those faces!? i love our ability to customize weddings now. it’s just so hard to get away from tradition sometimes too. i wonder, though, how brides ever survived without the internet!! how did people find photographers and pretty hair accessories?!

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