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STD with Dignity? August 5, 2008

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This past Sunday I made Fiance venture out to Waikiki with me to accomplish what I thought would be the very easy and fun task of a photo for our Save the Date card.

Here are a few Save the Date cards I love.

Fiance is a very talented graphic designer. I am a bit of a creative thinker but usually give up on the task if it seems too daunting. Fiance will be designing all of our wedding paper and web materials. That is, if he doesn’t demand this gorgeous ring back first. Let’s just say I have not been shy about expressing my ideas.

So I dragged him out to Waikiki to capture the two of us drinking out of a ridiculously frilly tropical drink with the ocean in the background. I could visualize it in my head and was certain is was the only good option for our Save the Date. It would communicate to guests that we are FUN and this would be a FUN wedding. Plus, it would set the mood for a Hawaii wedding…bright, tropical, but not at all luau.

Like I said, I could visualize it all in my head. I knew the perfect place to capture this image was the Royal Hawaiian hotel. Guess what? They’re closed! Damnit. We ventured on down the beach to the Moana Surfrider. Their drinks are frilly but not nearly as fancy as I had envisioned. Sacrifices, man, I tell ya.

The Moana was packed. We secured an oceanfront table and got down to business. No, not drinking, photographing! We propped up drinks, arranged paper umbrellas, put the camera on self-timer, on its side, waited for tourists to move, watched the clouds part for the ultimate lighting. The waitress must have thought we were crazy. And then it really got embarrassing… Fiance deemed it necessary for me to prop myself up on the beach wall, with filly drink in hand, turn profile to the camera, and pretend to drink. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! I felt so silly. Of course, then he had to do the same thing. Have I mentioned I hate my profile? Oh well, sacrifices.

In the end, we had a good time and Fiance was very patient and got some great shots. Now he is putting his photoshop skills to work to create our Save the Date. Once it’s complete I’ll share it here.


One Response to “STD with Dignity?”

  1. Jenna Says:

    This sounds like the kind of photographic adventures that I am dragging FI on all the time. It’s fun to hear that yours was excited to get involved, and even encouraging you to try some new things!

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