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We did it! August 12, 2008

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We set the date. I was getting pretty worked up and nervous as we batted around various dates that did and didn’t work for certain family members. At one point we had even selected a date that would be the 6th anniversary of our first date. How sweet is that? And guess what? The venue was closed that day! I focused on deep breathing and in the end we settled on the first date that had ever caught my eye.

So my friends, on May 24th 2009, I will get married.

Yay! And now onto all the fun stuff… photographers, flowers, table decor, DRESSES, invitations. I truly can’t wait.


One Response to “We did it!”

  1. Ms. 122 Says:

    woohoo! i swear, the venue and date have felt like half the battle so far for us. everything else seems to be going really smoothly. congrats!

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