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It’s really happening! August 13, 2008

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We have guests coming to our wedding! My best friend and Matron of Honor* just booked her ticket to be at my wedding! I am giddy!! And even as I type this, and as happy as I am that people will be there, it made me realize that we would get married even if there were not guests. Guests are truly the icing on the cake.

*I hate the phrase “Matron of Honor” and I’m not too thrilled with “Bridesmaid’ either. Please help me brainstorm new names for the lovely ladies that will stand by me on my wedding day. I’ll send a package of chocolate covered macadamia nuts to the person who helps me rename my “maids.” Send in your ideas!

My ideas so far (not necessarily good ones):

– Wedding VIP (works for ladies and men)

– Friends of Honor

– Ladies of Honor

See, clearly I need your help!


3 Responses to “It’s really happening!”

  1. Jenna Says:

    I kind of like FOH. I have been saying it out loud and it sounds good. FOH.

  2. We are using “Honor Attendants” 🙂

  3. holly Says:

    mine deserve – girls i owe my life to or BB bride’s backbones

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