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Vendor Flattery August 22, 2008

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So the other evening we were at an event to meet a bunch of wedding photographers. We met a small handful that we love and fit our price range so I got down to the task of contacting them and letting them know we were interested.

It’s a bit odd to email someone you remember perfectly but who probably doesn’t remember you as well (10 photographers, over a hundred brides and grooms to be). I tried to be friendly and prompt their memory… My fiance is the one that grew up two states from you, I was the one bugging you with questions, blahblahblah.

I was delighted to get one response which said “Of course I remember you!” Hooray! We’re memorable.

Then it went on to say “You guys are such a great couple.” Hooray! We’re a great couple.



I found myself dead-center of incredibly flattered and feeling duped. How does she know we’re such a great couple? Frankly, that evening wasn’t our best. We’ve had much better. She should see us when Fiance didn’t show up late, when I had a bit more energy and had my charm on, when we get in the groove and giggle with each other.

Does she just say that to everyone? I mean, that would be smart. If you’re a wedding vendor it’s smart to flatter your potential clients. If she does say that to everyone does that mean that she didn’t realize we’re a great couple? Because we really are.


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