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I did it myself! August 28, 2008

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My first wedding related DIY project! Woohoo!

I’m usually fairly crafty. Problem is I get sort of lazy with some of my crafts so I was a tad bit nervous to embark on my first DIY. However, all nervousness was all for not. I am a DIY’er success story.

As soon as we set our date I called my three bridesmaids and asked them to be part of my wedding. I know some people send cute cards and gifts but I felt like phone call was the most up-front way to ask. I really wanted them to be able to say yes or no, not feel pressured. Lucky for me, they all gleefully agreed. I was thrilled but as I reflected back on it, I wanted to formally acknowledge their involvement.

Just this week I sent them these super cute cards, if I do say so myself..

Here’s how I made them:

– Three sheets of pretty origami paper (a cinch for me since I’m knee deep in origami paper to fold cranes), I suppose you could use any pretty paper including wrapping paper.

– Trace shape of dress onto back of paper and trim to shape.

– One pack of Martha Stewart cards or other fancy cards (I actually bought these thinking they were folded cards but in fact they’re flat. Sneaky Martha! In the end I preferred them flat.)

– Glue dress paper to card. I used a glue stick.

– Dress it up with a 3-D flower sticker from the scrapbooking section of the craft store.


I wrote a personal note to each of them on the back of the card. I hope they will be well-received.


One Response to “I did it myself!”

  1. these are SO cute! great job on the DIY. 🙂

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