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I Heart the Paper Source Lady September 4, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kini @ 11:57 am

Have you seen the Paper Source lady? The one on the How-To videos? She cracks me up. I could watch her all day long just for the entertainment value and then today, *poof*, she’s a genius!

Her silly little tutorial on lining enveloped concludes with her printing a photo of her younger self and using that to line the envelopes. My heart grew bigger just seeing that. I love photos. And I want to line my envelopes. One plus on equals delight for me!

I’m only slightly bummed that I didn’t tune into the Paper Source lady earlier because we’re very, very close with our Save the Date design and it includes a photo of us. I think double photo action might be overkill.

I’ll just file that gem of creativity away for another day. I see wedding invites with photos of us in the envelope. And when we have our first baby? Announcements with photos of the baby lining the envelope.

Paper Source lady, you just made my day.


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