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Pleased to Meet You September 19, 2008

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As I work to discover my voice on my blog, and my audience, I think an important step I intially skipped were the introductions. How rude of me!
A few weeks ago I sat down for a few hours and wrote all of our wedding website. Fiance has been oh-so-kind to make our website from scratch. It is just about to be shared with the world via our Save the Date cards. In exchange for your generosity in reading this site, I give you a sneak-peak into the “Our Story” page of our site.

We met at a rooftop party in San Francisco on February 22nd, 2003. Fiance said “hey,” Kini replied with “hi” and, amazingly, that started it all.

Our relationship bloomed in San Francisco. Surrounded by the Bay and our fantastic friends, we got to know each other and fell in love. Countless dinners over sushi, Za pizza, Mexican food, and the unbeatable Naan N Curry… Frisbee at Fort Mason park and walks to Crissy Field… Ski trips to Tahoe and music shows up and down Polk Street.

Exactly three years to the day that we met, we made a crazy leap of faith and moved to Honolulu. Why? Kini had always wanted to do it and Fiance was generous enough to give it a shot. As we’ve settled in we’ve been each other’s best friend and support system. Weekend days at Kaimana Beach… Weekend trips to the other islands… Daring new foods and an appreciation for the best sushi…. Sunsets and rainbows…Shared friends and even a shared employer….Hawaii is where our relationship really took root.

Fiance proposed in mid-April 2008 on the beach in Waikiki following a fantastic evening of drinks and dinner at the swankiest of all places in Hawaii. We had laughed through dinner and gushed over the service and the quality of food. Then we sat on the beach, arms around each other after Kini said “yes” and it dawned on us, “We’re going to get MARRIED!”

I hope these brief words give you a little insight into me, my beloved, and our relationship. I’m going to try to get a bit more personal as I dive into this site and let you know more about us and this dreamy wedding we’re planning.


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