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Free is my best friend in wedding planning September 20, 2008

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Just like all of you out there, Fiance and I are on a budget. A wedding budget! I have about three spreadsheets with different budget breakdowns and my ultimate goal (aside from a perfect day, getting married, and all that) is to come in right on budget!

Honestly, it’s not looking so good right now. I’m about 7% over my intended budget according to all my planning. Argh!

However, I hold out hope that some adjustments can be made so I’ll make my goal. Still over 8 months out from the actual wedding day, there are many decisions to be made and I know the budget will slide up and down as I proceed. I hope to give myself the time and patience to research and work diligently to find deals.

We discovered one such deal last week… I work in a communications business. My company works with local printers to produce brochures and posters and other pretty things. I approached my co-workers about asking for a discount on paper for our Save the Dates and invitations. To my utter delight, my co-worker was able to get us a big stack of pretty cardstock paper for FREE! FREE! I truly don’t know how much a stack of paper costs but given that we would have ordered it online and had it shipped, I’m estimating we saved at least $50.

Here’s wishing FREE decides to join me in wedding planning periodically.


One Response to “Free is my best friend in wedding planning”

  1. Dana LaRue Says:

    Girl, I’m the captain of that train! Er, conductor of that boat… er, I’m cheap. 🙂 Best of luck!

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