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Adventures in Dress Shopping: Day One, Part Two October 2, 2008

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After the fire alarm dress shop my mom and I treated ourselves to a hearty lunch and then headed onto the second dress shop on our list.

The store was packed with gowns and the customer service was very sweet. They actually had me sit down while they styled my hair into an up-do. I felt very special and rather bridal.

Their selection of dressed was mostly Pronovias so I grabbed bunches of those until I learned they carried Monique Lhuillier. I literally squealed with delight and asked to try on her gowns. Monique! She makes my dream dress. I was giddy to step into her gorgeous dress.

The first Monique I tried was her fabulous Miranda. Hello, heaven! I felt gorgeous, rich and amazingly comfortable. The only thing I didn’t love completely was that the cut along my bust seemed a tad revealing and made me look flat.

As I was admiring myself in the mirror in the gorgeous Miranda, a very beautiful woman and her equally stunning friend walked into the salon. They were there to find a dress that she could model on the front of a local wedding magazine. She’s also getting married herself so she wanted to try on dresses for her wedding. The second dress she tried on was MY Miranda. She rocked it. She looked fantastic in it. And I could help but think in my head, “hey, that’s MY dress! You can’t wear it. And you certainly can’t look so good in it!”

Come to find out, she’s a former Miss Hawaii who recently had her boobs done. Lessons learned in this?

– Don’t try on dresses next to a model.

– Boobs make a dress look good.

And for me? Since I’m not a model and I have my natural boob? Perhaps I need to remember not to compare myself to others and to remember that this is MY wedding and I will rock my own dress.


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