A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Back from my Break October 23, 2008

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Oh hi, where have I been? Honestly, I took a little unplanned break from wedding planning. This stuff gets exhausting, you know! And it can be a tad bit overwhelming trying to make all these meaningful decisions – especially for an over-thinker like me.

Flash back a few weeks and I was dress shopping with my mom. Tons of fun and pretty glamorous. Then we’d go home, she’d make dinner for all of us and I would obsess on the computer looking up images of dresses I’d tried on, trying to find them cheaper online, and flip-flopping as to what I thought I wanted. I thought about it non-stop. And frankly, I needed to stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still dress shopping. I don’t think I’ve yet found THE ONE – although maybe, I have one I can’t keep thinking about… more on that later.

But you want to hear a story? A funny story?

So I live in Hawaii, right? Right. And as you might imagine, Hawaii is not a mega wedding dress market. We have some dress shops, some are lovely, and I have found gorgeous dresses. But after three days of shopping, I pretty much exhausted my options. Save for one place…

It all started with a phone call. I had come across a full page ad in a wedding magazine for a dress store but it had no address, just a phone number. I made the call and spoke to a seemingly particular woman who explained she used to have a store, but it had flooding issues and now she keeps her gowns in her home. Yes, her home. You don’t know me very well so I need to explain to you that I’m a bit of an adventurer. I LOVE crazy experiences that result in crazy stories to tell. And that is mostly the reason that I suckered a friend into going with me to this woman’s home to shop for my wedding dress.

First we spent an hour flipping through HUGE catalogs in the basement with the woman and her adorable elderly husband. Once I had marked all of my favorite dresses, they told me that didn’t have any of them in stock. She wanted me to order straight from the catalog. No thank you. I calmly explained I wasn’t going to buy the dress of my life without first trying it on.

Eventually adorable elderly husband pulled a bunch of their in-stock dresses. I found myself standing in a the small childhood bedroom of their now-adult son in my strapless bra and underwear. Completely surrounded by stuffed animals and my patient friend, I could help but giggle. How do I get myself into these situations?!


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