A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Yummm… November 21, 2008

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I booked our cake! Big high five to me!!

Come Wedding Day, we will be eating an icredibly yummy three layer cake. The big tier will be lilikoi. Yummm… The middle tier will be strawberry. So summery! And here’s where I could use your help. What should the top tier be?

1. Lemon Curd. It was tasty, tasty but Fiance doesn’t really like lemon cakes (even though he admitted this one was good).

2. Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate cake (but the chocolate wasn’t even close to as good as the fruit flavors)?

3. Lilikoi. Because it was just that damn good and it’s our wedding and we should have our favorite!

I’ll accept all votes.

Oh, and it will look a lot like this. Pretty, no?



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