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Our Dads December 5, 2008

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Have I told you the favorite part of our wedding? Better even than the rings? Better than the kiss, the dance and the cake all together?

Our dads are going to officiate our ceremony.

It warms my heart even to type it.

We had always thought we’d have a friend officiate. We’re not particularly religious, we don’t attend a church, and it was important to use that the person making us legal knew us well. We had considered many friends and I had even once suggested to Fiance that his dad do it. But ultimately it was my mom’s suggestion. She suggested the two dads officiate as a symbol of two families coming together. Swoon… I ate it up like ice cream… So our dads will do it.

Our parents met for the first time this past weekend over Thanksgiving. They hit it off amazingly. It’s great to know our kids will grow up with grandparents who are friends with each other.

One of the memories I hope to hold onto for the rest of my life is sitting in a living room with Fiance, my dad, and his dad, and talking through the details of our wedding ceremony. They listened intently, asked thoughtful questions, and provided amazing advice.

I am so thrilled the two of them will usher us into our marriage.


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