A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Irked December 9, 2008

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Over the past few months I have had quite a few people express their assumption that Fiance and I will be leaving Hawaii once we have the wedding. Some even seem to assume we’ll be packing our bags the next day.

Fiance and I have been living in Hawaii for three years. We don’t plan to stay in Hawaii forever. We see our future on the west coast and will probably move there when the economy picks up a bit and when we feel good and ready. But not too many people know this. And most of the people who seem to assume we’ll jump ship immediately are not ones I confide in.

What gives?

We certainly didn’t move to Hawaii just to get married here.

I’ve also had a few people that want to assume that I’ll stop working, or make a major life changes after the wedding. I want to shake them and say “I will still be the same person when I am Fiance’s wife. I will still have career aspirations and still do the things I enjoy. I will simply have one more ring on my finger, a new last name, and a legal life partner. I will still live in Hawaii!”

Whew, thanks for letting me get that out…


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