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An Icky Confession October 27, 2008

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I feel terrible confessing this but I hope I am anonymous enough that I can let it off my chest without any backlash.

A friend of mine just announced her engagement. I am happy for her, truly happy. She deserves love in her life, happiness, and this wonderful man.

Even still, I can’t help feeling a little bummed by the news. I’ve spent all morning trying to figure out why it makes me a little sad and I’ve only come up with two things. 1: As much as I’m not outspoken about my wedding (hello, anonymous here), I liked being uniquely special in my engagement. 2: Our relationships with our fiances are very different. Mine relationship has been almost 6 years, her’s less than two.

As I type this I’m laughing at myself. “Uniquely special in my engagement?” Hello, there are weddings happening every minute of the day! I read about them constantly on blogs and in magazines. Different relationships? Isn’t that what makes the world go round?

Anyway, I wanted to share this and throw it out there in case anyone else has ever felt the same way.


Girl Crush October 24, 2008

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What was I thinking continuing to write this blog without including any eye-candy?! INSANITY!

Without further ado, I present one of my current crushes, Miss Miranda by the ever-so-talented Monique Lhuillier.


Back from my Break October 23, 2008

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Oh hi, where have I been? Honestly, I took a little unplanned break from wedding planning. This stuff gets exhausting, you know! And it can be a tad bit overwhelming trying to make all these meaningful decisions – especially for an over-thinker like me.

Flash back a few weeks and I was dress shopping with my mom. Tons of fun and pretty glamorous. Then we’d go home, she’d make dinner for all of us and I would obsess on the computer looking up images of dresses I’d tried on, trying to find them cheaper online, and flip-flopping as to what I thought I wanted. I thought about it non-stop. And frankly, I needed to stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still dress shopping. I don’t think I’ve yet found THE ONE – although maybe, I have one I can’t keep thinking about… more on that later.

But you want to hear a story? A funny story?

So I live in Hawaii, right? Right. And as you might imagine, Hawaii is not a mega wedding dress market. We have some dress shops, some are lovely, and I have found gorgeous dresses. But after three days of shopping, I pretty much exhausted my options. Save for one place…

It all started with a phone call. I had come across a full page ad in a wedding magazine for a dress store but it had no address, just a phone number. I made the call and spoke to a seemingly particular woman who explained she used to have a store, but it had flooding issues and now she keeps her gowns in her home. Yes, her home. You don’t know me very well so I need to explain to you that I’m a bit of an adventurer. I LOVE crazy experiences that result in crazy stories to tell. And that is mostly the reason that I suckered a friend into going with me to this woman’s home to shop for my wedding dress.

First we spent an hour flipping through HUGE catalogs in the basement with the woman and her adorable elderly husband. Once I had marked all of my favorite dresses, they told me that didn’t have any of them in stock. She wanted me to order straight from the catalog. No thank you. I calmly explained I wasn’t going to buy the dress of my life without first trying it on.

Eventually adorable elderly husband pulled a bunch of their in-stock dresses. I found myself standing in a the small childhood bedroom of their now-adult son in my strapless bra and underwear. Completely surrounded by stuffed animals and my patient friend, I could help but giggle. How do I get myself into these situations?!


Adventures in Dress Shopping: Day One, Part Two October 2, 2008

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After the fire alarm dress shop my mom and I treated ourselves to a hearty lunch and then headed onto the second dress shop on our list.

The store was packed with gowns and the customer service was very sweet. They actually had me sit down while they styled my hair into an up-do. I felt very special and rather bridal.

Their selection of dressed was mostly Pronovias so I grabbed bunches of those until I learned they carried Monique Lhuillier. I literally squealed with delight and asked to try on her gowns. Monique! She makes my dream dress. I was giddy to step into her gorgeous dress.

The first Monique I tried was her fabulous Miranda. Hello, heaven! I felt gorgeous, rich and amazingly comfortable. The only thing I didn’t love completely was that the cut along my bust seemed a tad revealing and made me look flat.

As I was admiring myself in the mirror in the gorgeous Miranda, a very beautiful woman and her equally stunning friend walked into the salon. They were there to find a dress that she could model on the front of a local wedding magazine. She’s also getting married herself so she wanted to try on dresses for her wedding. The second dress she tried on was MY Miranda. She rocked it. She looked fantastic in it. And I could help but think in my head, “hey, that’s MY dress! You can’t wear it. And you certainly can’t look so good in it!”

Come to find out, she’s a former Miss Hawaii who recently had her boobs done. Lessons learned in this?

– Don’t try on dresses next to a model.

– Boobs make a dress look good.

And for me? Since I’m not a model and I have my natural boob? Perhaps I need to remember not to compare myself to others and to remember that this is MY wedding and I will rock my own dress.


I’m all about Cake October 1, 2008

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I’ve been tagged by Wedding Poop (love the icon, by the way). I’ve never been tagged before, I am honored! I feel myself sitting a little taller and blushing just a little. So let’s get on with it!

4 Things I Did Today

1. Ate cake (birthday cake for a co-worker).

2. Encouraged my mom to buy a dress she thinks could maybe be her Mother of the Bride dress.

3. Shared pictures of me in potential wedding dresses to a co-worker friend.

4. Pondered whether I could get someone to custom make a Monique Lhuillier gown for me within my budget (unlikely).

4 Things on My To Do List

1. Address the damn Save the Dates already! (my deadline was to have them in the mail by the end of the month. That clearly didn’t happen since they aren’t printed, cut or addressed.)

2. Create a webpage to host my wedding dress trial pictures so I can share them with my friends on the mainland.

3. Catch up on my wedding blog reading. I’m about a week behind and now it seems overwhelming to catch up!

4. Eat more cake. For real. This time it will be sample wedding cake.

4 of My Guiltiest Pleasures

1. The Internet. I truly may have an addiction.

2. Trashy TV, particularly bad wedding shows and snotty teenage shows on MTV. Fiance is appalled by the TV I watch.

3. Cake! No, I’m kidding. Rather, it would be ice cream. But is that really so guilty? Ahh, I have one… these insanely good rice crispy treats they have at Safeway that have 5 days worth of saturated fat in each one.

4. Relaxing on the couch when I should be cleaning the house.

4 Random Facts About Me

1. I was born here in Honolulu but moved away before I was two for more than 27 years.

2. If an easy listening song comes on the radio, I can sing every single word. But I cannot, for the life of me, tell you who sings it.

3. I cannot stand the way this WordPress template formats my entries. Seriously drive me crazy. Does anyone have any advice?

4. By the end of today I suspect I will have eaten six servings of cake.


Adventures in Dress Shopping: Day One, Part One September 30, 2008

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I had a hard time identifying my expectations when I prepared to go wedding dress shopping. My mom had flown into town and I was thrilled about that. But she didn’t really seem all that excited, she spent the days before telling me about her coworkers, our extended family, and other trivial things that seemed more important to her than my wedding. Fiance was completely obsessed about work and didn’t clue in on any of the hints I was sending his way that I needed attention.

The morning of our first shopping day I turned on shower, sat on the bathroom floor and cried. I know I had built up the day in my mind. I envisioned feeling special, beautiful, and ready for a monumental moment. No one else seemed to feel that for me. Perhaps I had just built it up too much.

A few tears, a hot shower, and a cute dress later, I had promised myself that I would make myself feel special, that I would relish the moment.

We arrived at the first store five minutes before our appointment. Only to find it closed. Irritated, I sat down on a nearby bench and waited. A very cute girl approached, apologized for being late, and explained that she was filling in for the normal employee who couldn’t make it. We walked into the store, she turned on the lights and the alarm went off. It continued to go off for over five minutes. Fan-tastic. What a way to start my day of specialness and beauty.

Looking back, it sort of puts it all in perspective. Dresses, bride, prettiness, being special, and all that. But life goes on around you and you will be rocked by the alarm.

Anyhow, I tried on about 10 dresses at that store. They were very cool about letting me try on absolutely everything and taking as much time as I needed. I explored the world of Kristie Kelly, Nicole Miller, WToo, and a South African designer I can’t remember right now. I left not finding “the one” but liking bits and pieces of a few.


Step Away from the Liner September 24, 2008

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You know how you read all these wedding blogs, magazines and sites and you start to think, “Oooh, nice! I need to do that for my wedding too!” Those were the exact words that went through my head when I stumbled across DIY envelope liners. So cute! So relatively simple! Such a big impact!

Fiance is designing our Save the Date cards. He’s got design talent. I have organizational talent. But I dream of being crafty. Lining our Save the Date envelopes is something I thought I could really embrace, show my skills, and put my personal touch our wedding. I had briefed Fiance, told him I would be lining the envelopes, showed him how nice it could be, swore to him that I would take all of the responsibility, and promised it wouldn’t be too expensive.

And then I changed my mind. I am wont to do that occasionally.

I changed my mind not because I am lazy, or because we ran out of time. Not because I became overwhelmed by the project. And even not because I couldn’t find the perfect lining paper. Just because we don’t need it.

Fiance created such great Save the Dates and together we selected such awesome envelopes that we truly don’t need to line the envelopes. Lining the envelopes would ruin the cards. And so, with a bit of a heavy heart, I shelve my envelope-lining desires for another day, and another project.