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Nordstrom has Spoken December 8, 2008

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I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the men of our wedding should wear. From day one I felt confident Fiance should wear a suit. He’s been concerned that he’ll be too hot and get sweaty. Totally valid point since our wedding will take place outside in the sun. I definitely don’t want a sweaty groom but I do feel that he should dress up for his wedding.

As much as we hadn’t totally settled this issue, we went to Nordstom this weekend to have him fitted for a suit so we could start shopping for one if we decided he should wear one (I like to plan ahead). An extremely knowledgable Nordstom associate helped us. The conversation went like this…

Me: I thought he would wear a suit but I don’t want him to get too sweaty.

Fiance: I get sweaty.

Nordstrom: (to me) Have you found your dress?

Me: No.

Nordstrom: Well, do you think it might have a train?

Me: Yes, a little one.

Nordstrom: He needs to wear a suit.

Me: Really?

Nordstrom: Yes.

Nordstrom: (to Fiance) She’s going to be so beautiful and you’re going to feel ridiculous if you’re not wearing a suit. You need to wear a suit.

And how do you argue with that logic? Of course, he totally encouraged Fiance to ditch the coat once pictures and the ceremony are over.

In related news, Nordstrom insisted that our dads, the officiants, also wear suits. I had pictured them in Tori Richards style aloha shirts. But he insists suits are the way to go. Any thoughts on this? Do I dare go against Nordstrom?


One Response to “Nordstrom has Spoken”

  1. me Says:

    I don’t mind going against Nordstrom. albeit, I love Nordstrom… I got my bridesmaids dresses there and almost got my wedding dress there too :). SUPER NICE sales associates with a great return policy! A little suspicious of the up-sell attitude of your sales guy although I feel your sales associate was right about the fiance. There are the “destination” type of lighter khaki/linen suits that look a little more casual for an outside/beach wedding. I don’t think the fathers HAVE to be in suits. I think the Tori Richards shirts are very classic… maybe with a nice maile lei or something… some might say the maile lei is for the groom only but my brother gave both fathers maile lei in his wedding and i thought it was really nice!

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