A Wedding in Hawaii. How Original.

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Irked December 9, 2008

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Over the past few months I have had quite a few people express their assumption that Fiance and I will be leaving Hawaii once we have the wedding. Some even seem to assume we’ll be packing our bags the next day.

Fiance and I have been living in Hawaii for three years. We don’t plan to stay in Hawaii forever. We see our future on the west coast and will probably move there when the economy picks up a bit and when we feel good and ready. But not too many people know this. And most of the people who seem to assume we’ll jump ship immediately are not ones I confide in.

What gives?

We certainly didn’t move to Hawaii just to get married here.

I’ve also had a few people that want to assume that I’ll stop working, or make a major life changes after the wedding. I want to shake them and say “I will still be the same person when I am Fiance’s wife. I will still have career aspirations and still do the things I enjoy. I will simply have one more ring on my finger, a new last name, and a legal life partner. I will still live in Hawaii!”

Whew, thanks for letting me get that out…


Nordstrom has Spoken December 8, 2008

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I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the men of our wedding should wear. From day one I felt confident Fiance should wear a suit. He’s been concerned that he’ll be too hot and get sweaty. Totally valid point since our wedding will take place outside in the sun. I definitely don’t want a sweaty groom but I do feel that he should dress up for his wedding.

As much as we hadn’t totally settled this issue, we went to Nordstom this weekend to have him fitted for a suit so we could start shopping for one if we decided he should wear one (I like to plan ahead). An extremely knowledgable Nordstom associate helped us. The conversation went like this…

Me: I thought he would wear a suit but I don’t want him to get too sweaty.

Fiance: I get sweaty.

Nordstrom: (to me) Have you found your dress?

Me: No.

Nordstrom: Well, do you think it might have a train?

Me: Yes, a little one.

Nordstrom: He needs to wear a suit.

Me: Really?

Nordstrom: Yes.

Nordstrom: (to Fiance) She’s going to be so beautiful and you’re going to feel ridiculous if you’re not wearing a suit. You need to wear a suit.

And how do you argue with that logic? Of course, he totally encouraged Fiance to ditch the coat once pictures and the ceremony are over.

In related news, Nordstrom insisted that our dads, the officiants, also wear suits. I had pictured them in Tori Richards style aloha shirts. But he insists suits are the way to go. Any thoughts on this? Do I dare go against Nordstrom?


Our Dads December 5, 2008

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Have I told you the favorite part of our wedding? Better even than the rings? Better than the kiss, the dance and the cake all together?

Our dads are going to officiate our ceremony.

It warms my heart even to type it.

We had always thought we’d have a friend officiate. We’re not particularly religious, we don’t attend a church, and it was important to use that the person making us legal knew us well. We had considered many friends and I had even once suggested to Fiance that his dad do it. But ultimately it was my mom’s suggestion. She suggested the two dads officiate as a symbol of two families coming together. Swoon… I ate it up like ice cream… So our dads will do it.

Our parents met for the first time this past weekend over Thanksgiving. They hit it off amazingly. It’s great to know our kids will grow up with grandparents who are friends with each other.

One of the memories I hope to hold onto for the rest of my life is sitting in a living room with Fiance, my dad, and his dad, and talking through the details of our wedding ceremony. They listened intently, asked thoughtful questions, and provided amazing advice.

I am so thrilled the two of them will usher us into our marriage.


Yummm… November 21, 2008

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I booked our cake! Big high five to me!!

Come Wedding Day, we will be eating an icredibly yummy three layer cake. The big tier will be lilikoi. Yummm… The middle tier will be strawberry. So summery! And here’s where I could use your help. What should the top tier be?

1. Lemon Curd. It was tasty, tasty but Fiance doesn’t really like lemon cakes (even though he admitted this one was good).

2. Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate cake (but the chocolate wasn’t even close to as good as the fruit flavors)?

3. Lilikoi. Because it was just that damn good and it’s our wedding and we should have our favorite!

I’ll accept all votes.

Oh, and it will look a lot like this. Pretty, no?



Money, Money, Money November 19, 2008

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I’m been back at the wedding grindstone lately. I promised myself I would book all of our remaining vendors by the end of November. Those vendors being responsible for: cake, flowers, DJ, videography. Yikes! I made really, really good headway on all of them. I have met with many options, researched the hell out of every category, and have a good idea of what I want to do. The problem is this:


Yup. Money.

See here, I made a mistake. The only mistake I think I’ve really made in this whole wedding planning process. I built my budget around what I thought things probably cost. Sure, I asked a few folks. Sure, I looked at the silly percentage breakdowns the Knot provides. But I didn’t really research with any actual vendors when I decided what I was willing to pay.

The consequence for such a mistake? Frustrating moments that result in me on the phone with the DJ thinking “what the hell, you’re double my budget?!” and walking out of the videographer’s office today trying to rationalize spending $150 more on an item I never had at the top of my priority list.

I’m wiling to face the facts that I made a mistake. And I’m a realist. So as I sit here typing, I’ve decided to pay the $100 over my budget for the wedding cake. Because it’s a WEDDING CAKE, it tastes superb, and I really, really like the woman who is making it. I’m also going to swallow my pride and realize that flowers cost more than I thought they would. Even if we decide to DIY all the centerpieces, we’re still going to come in exactly where I budgeted.

As far as booking all these vendors by the end of November? Not. Gonna. Happen. No way. I think I’ll book the cake today beause I really do love her, and her cake that much. Other than that, I’m going to sit her and obsess a little bit more. I might even open my excel chart again and squint my eyes – trying to figure out how to make the numbers add up to less.


An Unexpected Success November 3, 2008

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In a fit of wedding dress frustration, I went to Nordstrom.com and ordered a bunch of their dresses. They have free shipping and free returns for anything over $250. Well, over $1,000 later… I had a blast trying on these dresses that the postman brought me. I really didn’t expect much but thought it would be a delightful surprise if one worked out.

And one did!

This lovely Sue Wong is a stunning dress and very wedding-y.

What do you think? Could this be my dress?


A Halloween Treat October 31, 2008

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Here’s a delicision treat…my current favorite dress… Fanal by La Sposa.

It’s actually so much more stunning on, and comes in a lovely oyster color. This may be “the one” but I’m still letting myself shop around.